Filu works as a dance artist between performance, mediation and choreography. Their work evolves around themes of care, pleasure, sustainable coexistence and the queering of relationships. Filu is part of the core team and artistic director of STARLAB. For IM RAMPENLICHT they did the co-artistic direction and co-designed and co-directed the workshops. Filu was involved in STARNIGHT from the beginning and helped bring it to life. Filu lives in Cologne.

Marius is a musician and among other things he is interested in inclusive music making. He is part of the ensemble of IM RAMPENLICHT and has facilitated many STARLAB workshops. Marius lives in Cologne.

Gale is a gothic diva on a mission to sexually empower the differently-abled. With STARLAB, Gale is a collaborator and ambassador. They participated in the MAIS STARS project as a singer, musician and performer. Gale lives in Pulheim, close to Cologne.

Otto works as a physical theatre maker, director and performer. They are especially interested in the overlap between live music, dance and theater. They are passionate about community art, trans joy, and creative spaces for everyone. They are one of the co-founders of STARLAB, as well as thebco-artistic direction for IM RAMPENLICHT and STARNIGHT. Together with other colleagues from the team, they have facilitated many workshops. Otto lives in Utrecht, NL.

Sebastian is a movement artist and dance developer. He likes creation processes that are fun and touching and that result in reflective, political and ever changing art. Within the magical world of STARLAB, he is a dance facilitator, performer and sometimes improvisational make up artist. Sebastian lives in Cologne.

Johanna is an author, photo model, dancer, voice performer, and showstopper. Johanna is fascinated by flash mobs, craziness, feeling like a superstar and having fun with the things you do. At STARLAB, Johanna is a performer. She was part of MAIS STARS and also performed on stage in IM RAMPENLICHT. "I have fame and I have fun in my life".

Marieke is a musician and plays the clarinet, sings and composes. Sometimes she also works as a stage musician. Marieke makes honest, vulnerable, meticulous, feminist, daring art. With STARLAB, Marieke has been on stage as a performer and musician. Together with Marius Lambertz she arranged and composed music pieces for the performance IM RAMPENLICHT and is a part of the ensemble. Marieke lives in Brussels.

Jonas is an artist who works with different kinds of media. He is an actor, dancer, performer, impersonator and plays musical instruments. He also writes creative texts and short stories. At STARLAB, he often performs by embodying different artists and is also part of the ensemble of IM RAMPENLICHT. Jonas lives in Düsseldorf Hubbelrath.

Lara is active as "incluencer" and practices wheelchair-dancing as her absolute passion. Artistically, she deals with topics centered around people with impairments, inclusion and diversity, equality, the fight against "pigeonholing" and the normativity of (body) images. She performed on stage in MAIS STARS. Lara lives in Cologne.

Vasko is a musician, composer, sound artist and performer. He is musically accompanying the STARLAB workshops by offering bandcoachings and approaches to inclusive music making. Vasko lives in Essen.

Leisa is a dancer and physical theater performer, in her work she explores the uniqueness of her body in relation to space and others. She facilitated an inclusive workshop for STARLAB that focused on embodiment and empathy. Leisa lives in Bremen.

Artistically, Natascha is busy with her own project and designing wetsuits for surfers. At STARLAB, Natascha takes care of finances, accounting and the administrative work around grants and subsidies. Natascha lives in Cologne.

Lenn is a performer, director and a theatre educator. Lenn’s work centres around queer senses and shapes, that roam within our bodies. Lenn performed in MAIS STARS dabei ans is involved in the STARLAB network. Lenn lives in Cologne.

Carl-Noë is a musician, composer and producer. He is interested in the exploration of music in all possible forms and the interplay with other creative fields. At STARLAB he participated as a musician in the project MAIS STARS. Carl-Noë lives in Cologne. 

As a part of STARLAB, Claus has accompanied and organized many workshops. Claus worked as production assistant on MAIS STARS and IM RAMPENLICHT, and was a big organizational support in bringing STARNIGHT to life. Claus lives in Cologne.

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